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money handling We are team of three highly seasoned sports analysts that specialise in MLB and NHL data. Daily we provide you with one paid pick including analysis and one free pick without analysis in MLB or NHL. Before you start betting you must know that betting is a long run process and for us at One PICK PER DAY it has become a profession. In order to start betting and become successful at it, you will need to obey as well as perfect several key steps. Step number one: establishing a starting bankroll, remember to start with a bankroll that you can afford. Step number two: money management (M.M), and Step number three: establishing a betting strategy. Without these key steps, betting is equal to nothing but losing. ONE PICK PER DAY strongly recommends using our tested and profitable money management and betting strategy. By following our picks, M.M and betting strategy you will instantly experience a bankroll growth and enjoy your profit.


Like a true betting professional we bet with 3% of our bankroll. For example if you have a bankroll of $10,000 that means your stake will be $300. Read more...


Our betting strategy is simple. WHY?

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